Friday, January 31, 2014


  Starting this next month we head to Tuscon where we will be painting a new piece live at the Gem&Jam festival. Last year we painted a piece on the spot inspired by our desert surroundings and sunsets along with memories from our years of living in Winslow Arizona. Feels great to be able to return to the red earth we once called home and paint something in honor of our fondest memories and push ourselves to the outer limits to bring back a truly unique view from the eye of our minds combined. 
The Welch Brothers  "Arizona" 2013

Monday, January 13, 2014

Brian Scott Hampton x The Welch Brothers

   Last year we finally linked up with Brian Scott Hampton and got the chance to work with him. His style can be very soft and liquid like at times while implementing complex graffiti forms, abstract techniques and surreal landscapes. Brian started this canvas and sent it to California where we threw in our futuristic graffiti styles with his to create an explosion of other worldly soup bursting with honey and golden light among a midnight blue alien terrain. Words can't truly describe it so here is a picture of the finished cross country collaboration with one of our favorite artists. 
Brian Scott Hampton x Welch Brothers 2013